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Aunty Devi’s Meat Pies
1519 Industrial Avenue, Suite C
Escondido, CA 92029


    Here’s what our fans are saying. . .

    These pies are made with the finest ingredients and you can taste it. Aunt Devi makes the best meat pies I have ever tasted. Once you try one, you will have to stock your freezer up as we did as the they are great to have as a special treat or when guests come to town. Be aware, they don’t last long … they are just too good!
    – Celia B.
    Vista, CA

    Aunty Devi’s Meat Pies are the best find in Escondido. I went to their place in Escondido. Found their meat pies to be ordered in different flavors. I ordered the Steak Pie and shared it as an appetizer with a family member. Truly delicious! I will go back and get more.
    – Gayle J.
    Escondido, CA

    Without a doubt, the real deal. Me, aussie, lived in CA for over thirty-five years, trust me I have tried all of the ones available in the US. None have come close to her pies. Also too, she is a very nice hard-working regular person. Stop by and try one, you will be not be disappointed, and will go back for more. I do!!!
    – Pete S.
    Cardiff, CA

    These pie’s are legit. I drive from Temecula and get 20-30 at a time. They travel well and keep in the freezer. Devi’s beyond nice and very accommodating. You’re crazy if you only buy one pie. They’re so good. You’ll need/want two of each. Love this place!
    – Dr. S.
    Temecula, CA

    Living in Orange County, I have made it my goal to find meat pies anywhere nearby. The only place I have found was Aunty Devi’s. I ended up buying 60 dollars worth of pies since they are easily frozen and reheated. Amazing pies that take me back to my time in Australia!
    – Kurt D.
    Stanton, CA

    The sausage rolls are delicious. The minced meat pie (like ground burger) sooooo good. Friends from New Zealand love this place and told me about it, said their pies are just like the ones they get at home. Can’t wait to try everything else they make.
    – Tina C.
    North Hollywood, CA